Combivert F6 - Application Driver
Applicable for different motor technologies and functionally prepared for the drive tasks of speed, torque and position control - these are the COMBIVERT F6 drive controllers for powers from 4 kW to 450 kW.

The concept is all-in-one - which means that in addition to universal motor operating modes for sensor-actuated or sensor-less motors, the drive controllers enable flexible connection to the higher-level control level via EtherCAT, Profinet, Powerlink, Ethernet/IP and CAN and provide all proven speed and position feedback on the two encoder channels in one hardware.

The modular configurable safety functions according to IEC and ISO standards with motion-based, safe monitoring directly in the drive complete the machine concept. The protective measures previously implemented externally in the machine or plant are increasingly being integrated into the drive and control electronics package, thus optimizing effort and system costs.
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  • COMPACT VERSION: System design EtherCAT or VARAN on Board / STO / Multi-encoder interface
  • APPLICATION VERSION: Multi-RealTime Ethernet - fieldbus connection (EtherCAT, ProfiNET, Powerlink) and module are configurable safety functions
  • PRO VERSION: Offers possibilities for implementation in the area of encoderless safety

  • LCD operator for commissioning and display of system-related data 
  • USB operator for commissioning and display of system-related data and also for making connection via USB 
  • Ethernet-operator for commissioning and display of system-related data and making a connection via Ethernet


  • Real-time Ethernet interface 
  • CANopen on Board 
  • Diagnostics interface
  • 2-channel on-board multi-encoder interface 
  • Drive profile according to CiA 402 / 61800-7
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