COMBIVERT H6 Modular Drive System
The KEB COMBIVERT H6 Multi-axis system is a DC intermediate circuit coupled drive controller system for the operation of synchronous and asynchronous machines.

The wide performance range covered by the system and the multiple combination options enable flexible use of the H6 System in a broad spectrum of different applications up to 315A. The H6 system bus is EtherCAT.
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COMBIVERT H6 Axis module

  • Single axis module to 315A
  • Double axis module to 2x 18A

COMBIVERT H6 Supply module

  • Supply module B6 up to 225kW
  • AFE Supply and power regeneration module up to 173kVA
  • DC connection module up to 150A

COMBIVERT H6 Control and 24V DC module

  • 24V DC supply module
  • Module with integrated control module (programmable in accordance with IEC 61131)
  • Various bus interfaces

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