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i950 servo inverters
The i950 servo inverter enhances the performance of the i700 servo inverter in our controller-based system in the range of 22 to 110 kW.
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Your advantages:

  • One platform, flexibly scalable: The i950 is the completing element of a coherent Lenze automation platform for modular machine solutions, flexibly scalable from the smallest machine module with only one motion axis to complex multi-axis systems.
  • FAST applications, usable immediately: The i950 comes with FAST "Inside" technology applications, which can be selected very easily by means of the EASY Starter and used immediately.
  • Future-proof and ready for Industry 4.0: Due to open standards, such as PLCopen, IEC61131-3, and CIA402, we make it possible for the OEM to repeatedly re-use already completed engineering work for different applications, today and in the future.
  • Compact design: All versions of the i950 have a very compact design and, up to 15 kW, can be integrated into 250 mm-deep control cabinets.

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