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The D2 delta robots made by Codian Robotics are the solution for two dimensional movements and the possibility to have a rotation added. For payloads from 3 kg up to 125 kg the D2 robots are the solution. The smaller D2 robots are often used in the end of line packaging, in the cosmetics industry, the consumers electronics industry and in the pharmaceutical production industry. The larger D2 robots are found in the food packaging and other industries where higher payload solutions are required.
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  • Working range: 500
  • Working area: 500 x 208 mm
  • Payload: 5 kg
  • Pick & place: up to 210 p/min
  • Position repeatability: 0.1 mm


  • R100 7Nm
  • RH090 7Nm washdown
  • RH095 7Nm IP69K
  • RH100 7Nm washdown
  • RH105 7Nm IP69K
  • T100 tilt axis


  • W
  • OS
  • DUO
  • LW
  • G


  • Calibration tool
  • Vacuum head
  • Vacuum pipe secondary arms
  • 2-way Rotary transit 8 Bar/vacuum 0.7
  • Vacuum hoses
  • Vacuum pipe clamps
  • Cable routing


  • Food
  • Packaging
  • Electronics
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