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Sync. servo motor - MS2N
More torque, higher speeds, the practical single cable connection and an extensive range of options: The new generation of MS2N motors by Rexroth combines high dynamics with compact dimensions and best energy efficiency. Rotors with low and medium inertia are available with optimum mass customization. For intelligent solutions in the Industry 4.0 environment, MS2N motors serve as data sources.
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One-cable connection

Flexible configuration

Up to 75 m cable length without additional components

Smooth shaft, fitting key, shaft seal ring

Connector with quick release

Protection type IP64, IP65 or IP67

Optional two-cable connection

Energy-efficient holding brake

Two motor designs

Increased flange accuracy

Low rotor inertia for all frame sizes

and much more

Medium rotor inertia from MS2N06

Encoder types


Four performance levels

Compact motors

Safety technology up to SIL3 PLe

High torque density

Single- or multi-turn

Broad speed range

Encoder data storage

High energy efficiency

Optional external ventilation and water cooling

  • Continuous torque of 0.8 to 214 Nm
  • Maximum torque from 3.8 to 360 Nm
  • Single cable connection saves space, weight, costs, and time
  • Flexible configuration
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